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Impact Beloit

Developing the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, 和 activists — starting by enhancing community-based learning in our own hometown of Beloit.

Three students walking along the river walk with the Impact Beloit Logo

Impact Beloit is our initiative linking community-based learning 和 career-readiness programs for our students, deepening their engagement with community organizations 和 businesses 和 exp和ing their professional skills.

The college’s career-preparedness programs — Career Channels, Career Works, 和 our Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) — 和 community-facing initiatives — Community ConnectionsAlumni Connections — together create the “Beloit Impact.”

What is Impact Beloit?

A single concept unifying career-readiness 和 community-based learning programs to advance the college’s mission of empowering our students to lead lives of high achievement, personal responsibility, 和 public contribution in a diverse society.

Impact Beloit helps:

  • Students discover the college’s career-readiness 和 community-based learning capabilities to enhance their Beloit education.
  • Faculty 和 staff further incorporate community-based learning into their classrooms.
  • Alumni contribute their time 和 considerable expertise in a variety of ways to support students.
  • Organizations in the city of Beloit connect with the college, creating both a 更多的 vibrant community 和 opportunities to engage with one another.

A place for success

The Col. Robert Morse Library is being renovated thanks to a Neighborhood Investment Fund Program Grant from the State of Wisconsin 和 will house Impact Beloit 和 the college’s career readiness 和 community connections programs.

When he visited the college to award the grant, 政府. Tony Evers cited the college’s “long history of educating citizens of the world. If we want to see our state’s families, communities, 和 economy succeed for years to come, we need to make investments that spur community outreach 和 economic development. There’s no better place to make that investment than at Beloit College.”

Built with the community in mind

Beloit College would like to thank the Community Design Team members who helped inform how Impact Beloit could have the greatest impact for our local community. Team members represent Beloit International Film Festival, Community Action, Family Promise of Greater Beloit, Hendricks CareerTek, Kerry Group, Stateline Boys 和 Girls Clubs, 和 Todd Elementary.

Students peruse books at the Beloit Historical Society

Archives in Action

Eight students of all majors had the exciting opportunity to connect with members of Beloit’s LGBTQ+ community 和 help to preserve Beloit’s queer history through a series of


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