2021 - 2022执行委员会


Julia Wallace Smith is a writer and editor who enjoys turning complex, technical information into understandable and compelling information. Currently employed with Gainwell Technologies, 茱莉亚与印第安纳州家庭和社会服务管理局密切合作,为印第安纳州医疗补助提供者计划和开发通信和参考材料. Julia曾在许多行业工作,包括医疗保健、金融、商业和制造业. 她拥有密西西比大学新闻学硕士学位,并通过国际商业交流者协会(IABC)认证为被认可的商业交流者(ABC). Julia enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with family, 朋友, 还有她收养的两只狗.

Executive Vice 总统 and 总统-Elect for 2022-2023

Jenn currently works at VirTra, as a Marketing and Sales Administrator. Along with over 5 years of experience in the meetings and tradeshow industry, she loves 阅读 and editing new research articles in the communication field. 她自己发表过一篇学术文章,但总是在寻找新的话题去探索! She currently has her MA in Communication from Johns Hopkins University. 在她空闲的时候 Jenn can be found: discovering new restaurants, 徒步旅行, 阅读, or trying to get her new puppy used to the outdoors!

副总裁、财务 & 秘书

雪莱纳尔逊, 工商管理硕士, brings more than 15 years of professional experience in strategic marketing planning, community involvement and marketing communications for nonprofits, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Her passion is seeing people experience a brighter future than they may have imagined. 谢莉喜欢制定营销和传播计划,让新的和已有的受众更接近组织的使命. 她利用讲故事的力量来推动意识和响应以及双重捐赠, 移动产品和销售活动. 在她空闲的时候, Shelley enjoys teaching in her role as Adjunct Faculty, serving as a Children’s Leader in Bible Study Fellowship, 装修和游泳.


Vice 总统 of Professional Development and Events

足智多谋和创新的专业人士,在国际战略营销方面有良好的业绩, 十大靠谱买球网站, communications and partnership management. Targeted expertise in banking/finance, 高科技, 保险, 宠物行业, 消费者, business-to-business and customer relationship marketing programs. Recognized ability to develop targeted brand management strategies, 包括创意广告, 直接邮件, 公共关系, 社交媒体, executive positioning and identity programs. Experienced in international business negotiations, strategic plan development and travel.


Hollie科斯特洛担任许愿®亚利桑那州市场营销和公共关系副总裁, the state chapter of the 501(c)(3) international wish granting organization, 许愿®.

Hollie于1997年毕业于亚利桑那大学,获得新闻学学士学位,并开始了她作为Casa Grande Dispatch城市记者的职业生涯. 2000年搬到凤凰城, she worked as the Editor-in-Chief for three trade publications, 将记者道德规范和文案写作专长与营销和广告要求结合起来.

In 2004, 她加入Banner Health,担任Banner Estrella医疗中心的高级公关专家, the first all-electronic hospital built by Banner Health. 她在十大靠谱买球网站方面的天赋, writing and 公共关系 moved her around the Banner system, eventually landing at Banner Desert Medical Center.

2011年8月,亚利桑那州Make-A-Wish公司的职位引起了霍莉的注意,她已经做好了迎接新机会的准备. 她很高兴能够利用自己的技能来推进非营利组织的使命,同时提高品牌知名度和支持分会部门.

霍莉出生在圣. Louis, but has been a resident of Tempe for the past 21 years. She is a member of the 国际协会 十大靠谱买球网站, 他是Tempe领导力学院的毕业生和前任总裁,也是ASU北极星中心美国运通领导力学院的毕业生.

Vice 总统 of Digital Communications

Jack目前是Tide Rock Holdings (B2B业务增长平台)的数字营销和销售技术专家. Combining his marketing and sales knowledge, Jack is now driven to help companies bridge the gap between the two. 除了, He is also in charge of web development at Parcell Media. Jack graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Marketing.

Vice 总统 of Chapter Marketing and Public Relations

Schwegman为客户提供战略公共关系和营销传播咨询超过20年. With a diverse industry background that includes both client and agency-side experience, 她在为一些世界上最具创新力的公司提高知名度和认知度方面有着良好的记录. Schwegman loves helping CEOs find their voice and creating one-of-a kind media tours. She has also initiated product placement in commercials, 主要的电影, Vogue and on the catwalk at Fashion Week. 在过去的几年里, Jennifer有幸帮助了许多公司的传播活动,包括Lawson这样的好品牌, PeopleNet, Robert Half, 和滑旱冰. 以开发和管理满足和超过目标的活动而闻名,同时吸引媒体和分析师的注意, Schwegman与顶级记者和制片人的出色关系帮助她为客户赢得了前所未有的报道. 宾果商业杂志的前任编辑, Schwegman has also been published in a variety of business and trade publications.

Schwegman graduated with bachelor’s degrees in International Business, Economics and German and a minor in Music from St. 凯瑟琳大学. 保罗,明尼苏达州. She is a member of the 国际协会 十大靠谱买球网站, where she has volunteered her time in leadership roles with the local Phoenix chapter. 她是圣. Jude Children’s Hospital Theatre of Dreams and founder of First Forum, 一个致力于在明尼苏达州建立一个充满活力和包容性的技术生态系统的技术领导者协会.

Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Schwegman loves BBQ, and biscuit and gravy. 喜欢户外的一切, she’s often on the trails running or 徒步旅行 (working off the biscuits and gravy). 在她的业余时间, the relatively new Valley transplant enjoys exploring Arizona with her husband, 迈克和西施·谢尔比.



Vice 总统, Professional Development

莱斯利·贝克霍夫(莱斯利Beckhoff)在公共关系领域工作了30年,她的大部分时间都在美国企业的传播领域中穿梭. 她在杜邦公司(DuPont Company)工作了20年,担任多种职务,包括在公司媒体关系办公室工作两年,领导全球特种化学品业务的关键沟通规划和执行. Working with manufacturing operations in the Northeast, 她提供内部沟通和社区外展支持,重点关注环境和劳工问题.

除了, she did a short stint with The Dallas Morning News, and an agency in Dallas before becoming the Director of Media, Marketing and Promotions for the U.S. Olympic Committee’s local organizing committee for the U.S. Olympic Festival-’89 in Oklahoma City.

莱斯利得了B.A. in Government and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.


财务副总裁 & 部长选举

希瑟·桑顿拥有15年丰富的专业经验,在开发和实施内部和外部战略沟通,支持企业和社会部门的复杂组织的品牌建设和业务目标, 包括财富100强公司, 以及内部和机构能力. 她平衡了创造性思维和批判性思维,帮助客户和团队利用沟通的力量, PR, and marketing to support organizational goals and reputation.

在瓦格纳学院获得学士学位后,她在纽约为跨国公司和品牌工作, Heather relocated to her hometown of Phoenix in 2013. 从那时起, 她获得了非营利组织的经验,专注于有目的的工作,这些工作与她的社区发展和环境可持续发展的价值观相一致——她对亚利桑那的发展有强烈的感受,并深深参与其中. 值得注意的是, 希瑟在当地的亚利桑那州仙人掌松树女童子军理事会担任了近7年的市场和传播高级总监. 2021年11月, 她担任亚利桑那州未来中心的战略营销和传播总监,对发展其品牌和营销/传播功能感到非常兴奋. She also serves on the board of Phoenix Music Conservatory, a 501 ©(3) providing free and low-cost music lessons and programs for K-12 kids.

Heather is adventurous and will try almost anything at least once. 她是一名狂热的美食家和家庭厨师,并在业余时间通过经典的法国烹饪课程发展了一些技术技能. 她有音乐剧和艺术的背景,通过观看演出、参观画廊和博物馆来补充能量. Heather resides in Moon Valley with her husband and loves being outdoors, 是否放松, 徒步旅行, 游泳, 打网球或羽毛球.


Nicollette is Vice 总统 of Cybba Phoenix, 在那里她人士透露, implements and analyzes digital media campaigns, across various verticals including 消费者 packaged goods, 高等教育, 和电子商务. Nicollette has a master’s degree from Syracuse University in Digital Advertising, and has been working in the media industry for over 7 years. Typically, you will find Nicollette with two coffees in hand.